What To Do When You’re In A Wreck

When you get in a car accident, there are some steps you can take to make sure you and everyone else are safe. Taking these steps will ensure you are following the law, helping others, and help you begin the claims process. 

Steps To Take After A Wreck 

The following steps can help you make important decisions after a car accident, whether you were at fault or not. 

Make Sure You and Others Are Ok

After a car accident, it is understandable if you are panicked. To get a better gauge and idea of the current severity of the situation, check yourself and others to see if there are any injuries. If you’re injured, try and call 911, or if you are unable to due to your condition, tell someone to call them for you. If you see someone noticeably injured, then make sure that you or someone else calls 911. The sooner you or someone else can call 911, the quicker first responders can arrive and help people involved in the accident. 

Get To A Safer Area

Once you’ve made sure that you and everyone else is ok, try and see if you can get yourself in a much safer position. Try and see if your car is still drivable and move it if it is causing a potential road hazard. If it is not drivable, try and see if you can find a safer area to move to that is away from traffic. 

Wait For Help To Arrive

Be sure your vehicle is off and wait for help to arrive. Once the police arrive, they will document the scene and fill out an accident report. Be sure that you ask them for a copy of the accident report as your insurer may ask you for it when you file a claim. 

Exchange Information 

After making sure you and others are safe and uninjured, begin exchanging information with the other party involved in the accident. Take the time to ensure that every important piece of information is exchanged such as license plate numbers, contact information, insurance, and vehicle description. Exchanging the appropriate insurance information is integral to ensure that your claim is covered. 

After Exchanging Information

Document the entire accident scene as in-depth as you can. Take pictures of your vehicle from various angles to make sure you can record the appropriate damage. Identify the police officers who’ve shown up at the scene as well as the parties involved in the accident. 

Also, make sure that you take down the names of the parties involved, including passengers and witnesses. After you seek medical help and everything is alright, notify your insurance provider to begin the claims process.

Getting involved in a car accident can be quite a scary experience for any driver, but these tips can help you in the event that you are involved in one. 

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